OUT OF THIS WORLD.. seeing the ordinary in an unordinary way






Ayokah began photography at a fairly young age and has continued to be interested in using the camera’s unique perspective to frame an image in an isolated form. She has the ability to view a subject and see how it will translate onto a one dimensional photographic plane, playing with depth of field and focus to enhance a detail which may otherwise be invisible to the human eye. Ayokah’s love for the camera lens view drew her to study Creative Photography at Humber College in Toronto where she received her diploma in 2000. She uses the camera as a medium to learn, to change and to grow by looking to see the ordinary in an unordinary way.


Lynette Browne

Several years ago, Lynnette Browne resolved to study photography and art as her life's work. Two successful exhibitions revealed her emerging artistic voice; “Imprints”, a black and white pond study, challenged the interpretation of beauty by pulling the viewer into the abstract darkness of a world beneath the pond, and “Elements at Work”, a series of colour photographs, invited the viewer to consider their perception of the ordinary as they contemplated objects as abstracted fragments. Lynnette photographs using negative film and prints her own work in a darkroom using traditional printing processes. She loves the feel of the paper, the efforts to control the chemicals and a creativity that, for her, begins before the click of the shutter and is only completed in the darkroom. For her the visual and the tactile are a significant part of her creativity.


Ed Drass


Ed Drass has had some photos published as part of newspaper articles. He has not exhibited photo images before.


Marie Fournier

Marie has been engaged with photography since 1986. She has had exhibits in California, where she resided for a time and in Montreal, her hometown. Prior to that she received her BA in social psychology, studied art history and was, for four years, involved with Montreal’s Museum of Fine Art. She has also worked in advertising and learned the skills of graphic designer. In the beginning she explored black and white imaging. Later as an autodidact she experimented in the darkroom. Now she combines colours easily and constructs views with Photoshop, etc. Marie is currently working to come to an understanding of ‘what is perception’. She is creating a photo-book focusing on this subject, exploring different perceptions, comparing and questioning — can who I am be discovered through what I see?


Janos Gardonyi


Janos Gardonyi B.Arch.(Hons) OAA(Ret.) MRAIC is a retired Architect and Photographer of Hungarian origin. He came to Canada in 1957 and completed his education at the University of Toronto. He had been the Chief Artchitect of Orlando Corporation and has been responsible for the design and execution of many high rise office towers, shopping plazas, commercial and industrial developments. Upon retirement he turned to artistic photography and exhibited extensively in art galleries and restaurants in Toronto. His subjects include landscapes, townscapes, architectural and historical photography and many images collected during his extensive foreign travels. He also creates digital artwork and abstract images.


Marni Grossman


A leading photographer in film and tv, Toronto born Marni Grossman has spent much of her life looking through a lens. Marni strives in her work to reflect the essence and nature of her subjects. She is drawn to colour, light, texture and to the impact of the elements on the landscape. Marni has documented the grizzly bear in the BC Khutzemateen Sanctuary and the White Spirit Bear in the Queen Charlotte Islands. She has travelled extensively throughout the western United States and in the northern lake districts of Ontario. Her images from the Senegal region of Africa are a celebration of the people and their life. The still photographic work of Marni Grossman is currently exhibited and sold under the name of Soulscape Inc. website noted above.


Kelly Holinshead


Kelly Holinshead is a professional photographer working and living in Muskoka. She operates her busy commercial photography business from her fine art gallery located on Huntsville’s Main Street, where her unique landscape images are permanently displayed. By implementing various photographic techniques, Kelly continually offers her viewers extraordinary views of ordinary scenes, without the use of digital applications.


Lenka Holubec


Born in the Czech Republic, Lenka Holubec studied at the Film and Video Department of York University in Toronto. She worked as an independent filmmaker developing feature and documentary projects. Since still photography always held a strong appeal to her as a tool of powerful visual expression, she has increasingly devoted herself to this field. A strong bond with nature inspires and nourishes her photography work to a great extent. Photographing the various elements of nature continues to be a very intense and revealing experience as it involves a process of achieving a unity and harmony between the surrounding environment and her. The images then echo her pursuit to capture and preserve a meaning of this experience.


Joseph Kary

I am a lawyer by profession, and sometimes use photography as a tool of the trade, to create demonstrative evidence in court hearings. My writing, on subjects ranging from contemporary libel law to the anthropology of biblical contracts, has been published in a number of legal journals and as part of a book collection, and my nature and landscape photography, appeared in a solo show at Sefiroth on Queen Street East in 2003.


David Larraguibel


David Freiderich Larraguibel was born in 1977, in Santiago Chile. Raised in Kitchener, Ontario, David moved to Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design where he obtained his AOCAD in Integrated Media. Following graduation he worked as a Commercial Photographer’s Assistant, Multimedia Designer, Digital Imager and Non-Linear Editor. David has also spent time abroad in Europe, Asia and South America looking for cultural parallels to further develop his ideas.


Dalton McCarthy

I, Dalton McCarthy, travelled to Western Ireland in November, 2006 to do some family history remembering. In Clare and Kerry I went to a library and a museum and walked for days in the countryside and towns and cities. I had a BIG dream in an old, dilapidated McCarthy castle. I woke up and walked on and on with my camera and rememberings.


Brooke Patton

Brooke Patton is a graduate of Ryerson University in Geodetic Sciences. He has been a photographer for 30 years and travelled throughout Africa, Asia, and South America as a land surveyor. He is also a serious astronomer, musician, cabinet-maker, and owner of a successful computer business in Geographic Information Systems. His out-of-world experiences include aerial photography and sky diving.


Simeon Posen

simeonposen.com  email: sim@simeonposen.com

Simeon Posen is a landscape and architectural photographer with work spanning more than four decades. His studies in architecture and stage design contribute to the unique perspective evident in his black and white photographs. Specifically, he illuminates the intricate parts expressing the structure of the whole, whether created by nature or by man. Posen’s technique, style and composition are influenced by photographers such as Marie Consindas, Wynn Bullock, Brett Weston and Ansel Adams with whom he studied in California. Receiving both federal and provincial grants, Posen has conducted extensive photographic studies of the architecture of France, Austria, Iran and Greece, as well as broadly documenting the Ontario landscapes and vistas across Canada.


Paul Schwartz


Until recently I was staff photographer for both the University of Toronto and the U of T Press. In my work there I encountered many kinds of assignments: from photo illustrations for various scientific articles, anatomy textbooks and an atlas to the usual PR “grip and grins” and portraits. The emphasis was always on reporting “reality”. My photo work has continued without a darkroom thanks, of course, to the “digital revolution”. Recently I was short listed for ShotBox4, a collection of 10 photos based on the theme of “secrets”, and in 2005 I participated in the juried show, “Out of Place” as part of Contact. In my photo work I like to balance the tension between a human narrative, implied and often without a “cast”, and the aesthetic pleasures of form, composition, tone and colour. Also, for more than 12 years I have been editor/publisher of the poetry quarterly Jones Av. Which has combined poetry, artwork and reviews.


Frank Sodonis

Frank Sodonis was born in Jurbarkas, Lithuania, where he became a journalist for the Jurbarkas Repapswen. He immigrated to Canada in 1989 with his wife Tainaslov, in the Rushton Migration and now lives in King City. Mr. Sodonis is a swimming instructor and holds three Canadian swimming records. An avid amateur photographer for 25 years, he has been combining Litonian meditating philosophies of his native Lithuanian culture as a basis for his photographic approach to light display and perspective.


Olena Sullivan


Olena Sullivan has worked as a graphic artist for over 15 years, and since discovering digital photography she has integrated this new medium into her design work as well as exhibiting throughout the GTA. She is constantly learning from her peers and through experimentation, and practices “found photography” — shooting her environment without disturbing or manipulating it. In her photographic work, she tends to focus on play of light and shadow, and interesting structure and shape in everyday objects. She exhibits regularly at the Charlotte Room with the Enemies Of The Ordinary rotating exhibit and has had her photography published by John Wiley & Sons, Master Point Press, and Digital Camera Magazine.


Rick Vincil


A photographer for many years, Vincil began showing his photographs in 2001, and in 2003 became represented by Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts in Toronto. Two large bodies of work to date have been completed: “The Industrial Park Series” — a collection of images made at demolition sites in the vicinity of Toronto which address impermanence issues, and “The Shape of Shoreline” in which Vincil focuses on the documentation of large concrete structures not yet removed from Toronto’s beaches that address the ongoing gentrification of aquatic habitat and public safety. An urban landscape photographer, Vincil is currently at work on another environmentally directed series entitled “Arable Land” which is concerned with the overtaking of local, fertile soil by housing development and attending amenities, while food is trucked in from very distant climates.

OUT OF THIS WORLD.. seeing the ordinary in an unordinary way

OUT OF THIS WORLD.. seeing the ordinary in an unordinary way

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