dis integrating


dis  integrating

 moving towards and away from coherence 


Employing works from the permanent collection, or on loan, by artists Peter Chung, Paul Saari, Dan Walsh, Andrea Maguire, Floyd Kuptana, William Caldwell, Camie Geary-Martin, Ed Drass. 


Wondering where I am

I look for orientation,

inside the rock balanced on a pedestal,

or on a pedestal balanced on a rock,

in one house or the other, bathed in light,

this or that room in the temple’s tower,

an improvised gesture squeezed between two boxes,

a window in a window opening.

I could be inside a cube submerged beneath the waves

or Sedna out of water,

turning to a lighthouse,

or lamenting in frozen sorrow.

Wondering where I am

I return to harbour.

Somewhere between north-west and south-east

is a path.

dis  integrating

dis integrating

Mar 21, 2012 Apr 21, 2012

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 14, 2012 2:30 - 5:30pm to

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