Marni Grossman


Biography                                                  From 2007:

One of Canada’s leading photographers in film and television, Toronto born Marni Grossman has spent a lifetime behind the lens. Her work has been published worldwide for use as cover and poster art as well as appearing in most film and tv magazines.

Driven to seeing beyond - both personally and photographically, Grossman has the remarkable ability to capture the essence of humanity and the infinite subtleties of nature. Her heart is tied to the elements which are reflective in the light, color, texture and depth of her artistry.

Through her life experience and extensive travel, Grossman has transitioned and developed as a fine art photographer. Her trip to west Africa in 2003 opened her heart and inspired her creatively. Through the lens, she began to document what she saw and felt. Her love of bears and passion for preserving our environment have inspired her to travel to some of the most remote areas of Canada.

Grossman has connected with the fine art community and environmental organizations selling and donating her works. Grossmans’ most recent travels took her to our Canadian North to document the magnificent and endangered Polar Bears.

Contributing Artist in These Exhibits