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Running off to join the circus



We at Gallery Arcturus do not have a mandate or schedule obliging us to put up the next show as soon as possible. The exhibits unfold from one to the next in large part because we allow pauses between to inspire what will come next. When the space is completely empty it is quiet, pristine and expansive inviting inquiry to arise. Often it begins with the placement of a single natural object or sculpture in the space. Immediately, there is potential for initiating new possibilities. From this moment on artists can engage in responding to what they see. A physical installation allows the question to have a practical, substantial form which engages the artists in exploring it, painting, collaging or drawing their findings for the viewer’s response. Any artists who wish to participate in this format are welcome. The process may be intensified over a few days, spread out over a month or an artist may come in and simply wish to contribute a single work.

When the collected work seems to be complete, it is hung in a way that leads the viewer through the process of discovery.

Running off to join the circus  |  MASKED exposure . . . the hidden revealed  |  P L A C E D  |  t h r o u g h and t h r o u g h Part Two  |  t h r o u g h and t h r o u g h  |  e c h o e s  |  s u f f i c i e n t  |  'as different as' night and day  |  a tension of colour - alchemical meetings  |  betwixt and between - an exploration of boundaries and lines of sight  |  SENTINELS in a field of attention... standing  |  For the Birds  |  dead reckoning  |  see through... what is in visible  |  Form Space Perspective  |  Perspectives... the art of seeing space  |  kathedra  |  Gesture  |  

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